COO Alliance City Forum

When it comes to investing their time and resources in growing the company, your CEO or business owner has many choices. In fact, they have a buffet of options ranging from coaching, mentoring programs and masterminds.
But as COO or 2nd In Command, you do not have as many choices. In fact, there have been no peer-to-peer mastermind experiences for you, your growth or the growth of the company–until now.

Welcome to the COO Alliance City Forum.

What if you could meet every 60 days with a diverse and impactful group of COOs and 2nd In Commands?

What if you could share ideas and work through challenges with those who run their day-to-day operations with growing teams, fast-moving cultures and exciting visions?

What if you could exponentially grow your business, improve your operations, and create a world-class culture with the help of other COOs and 2nd In Commands through a structured mastermind experience?

The COO Alliance City Forum is for you if:

  • You are a COO or 2nd In Command.
  • You have a growing team of direct reports and contractors.
  • You are projecting and striving to hit annual revenues of $2–$20MM over the next three years and/or have teams of 10-50+ employees or contractors
  • You often feel overwhelmed because you are running so many parts of the business with little outside support.
  • You care deeply about your team and their success.
  • You know your numbers and you are focused on your growth while supporting the financial health of your business and operations.
  • You have a big vision and you know you need help to make it all happen.
  • You love to learn and you are open to the ideas of others who have something valuable to offer.
  • You take action daily to move your business, your operations, your people, and your vision forward.

What is the COO Alliance City Forum?

The COO Alliance City Forum is based on Cameron Herold’s COO Alliance format. It is a year-long mastermind experience whereby COOs and 2nd In Commands meet locally every 60 days to work on matters directly related to their businesses, including finances, staff, culture, and overall operations.

Each session includes three to four structured exercises that members first work on independently. The group is then divided into three to four members to share worksheets, ideas, offer suggestions, and troubleshoot challenges. Following the group breakout, members return to the main group for a group share for further insight, sharing and troubleshooting. Collaborations and shared resources are often a welcomed outcome.

Because members meet every 60 days locally, costs are reduced as there is no travel involved (members are home in the morning and home for dinner too), strong relationships are formed, as well as accountability, trust and valued support.

What the COO Alliance City Forum is and what it is not:

It is not a coaching program with lessons or fluff ideas.

It is not for those who feel they know it all and can do it on their own.

It is not for those who do not care about their growth, their people or the culture of their company.

This is a peer-to-peer mastermind experience, based on group sharing with vetted members to ensure the right people are seated at the table. Only qualified members are invited to join, and groups are limited to 8 to 14 members.

Are you ready to take your business, your operations, your culture and your people to a whole new level?

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If you do not live in Ottawa or Toronto and would like to explore membership in the COO Alliance City Forum, here is how to request your seat at the table:

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