Where to Start When You Can’t Let Go

Overwhelmed? Have too much stuff? Don’t know where to start? Here are the strategies to help you get started so that you can let go, move forward and live fully.



When you are looking at decluttering and simplifying your life, you may find it overwhelming and do not know where or how to start. I always recommend the following as a starting point:

  • Start with your priorities.

    Which space is a priority for you? What do you envision for your space and/or your life that you currently do not have because you have too much stuff? How will your life improve by clearing out the clutter and all of the extra stuff? Get clear about what is really important and what you want, and begin there.

  • Start where it’s easiest.

    Some rooms or spaces will have items that hold a lot of memories or bring up painful feelings. I recommend that you do not start in these areas. Begin to build your “purge muscle”, as I call it so that you can gain experience making decisions, letting go of items, and building confidence in the process. Great places to start are linen closets and sock drawers, as they do not hold a lot of emotional energy. Begin by sorting by like-kind and keep only what you love. Get rid, recycle, donate, sell the other items that you no longer need, use or want.

  • Get help and support if you can’t do it alone

    There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, the process of decluttering and getting organized is far easier, faster and less painful when you have the guidance and support of a professional. Invest in your life by investing in getting help from those who can simplify the process for you.

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