Living Fully Show: Your Health & Wellness the Natural Way

Are you looking to reduce or remove toxic products from your life?

Are you looking to simplify your self-care regime to incorporate more natural products?

In this Living Fully Show episode, Heather Garrod, a certified aromatherapist and owner Planet Botanic, a wellness studio and retail store, provides the essential information you need to know about wellness products, including crystals, essential oils, homemade candles, that are natural, safe and effective.





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Pierrette Raymond
Pierrette Raymond is a multi-business owner having started her first business at the age of 26. She is a founding franchise partner of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, having been with the company since its first year of franchising in 2000. She is also the owner of a home transition and organizing business called Moving Forward Matters, helping families and seniors downsize their homes and property and assisting them throughout the entire moving experience. Her company also provides one-on-one decluttering and organizing services to those wishing to reclaim their space and their lives. She recently started another business called Women Living Fully where she works with women to help them simplify their lives, reprioritize their lives, for more time, money and energy for what they want and what matters most, in all areas of their lives. For more information, visit She is a public speaker, 4 time published author, and is a recipient of the Forty Under 40 Award by the Ottawa Business Journal.
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