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A place to find inspiration, support and advice from professional women who have said yes to themselves, and their lives, by overcoming challenges, difficult experiences to live their lives fully!

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You work hard. You sacrifice a lot.

You know what it takes to build the life that you have with those that you love.
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A guided practice to let go of what is holding you back.

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The Art of Living Fully
A guided practice to let go of what's holding you back.
Women Living Fully
A community of active, vibrant and caring women rediscovering who we are and what matters most in our lives.
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About Pierrette

For more than seventeen years I have been working one-on-one with families, individuals and business owners sorting through what is truly important and what matters most.

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Inspire your audience with a woman who knows how to re-prioritize, let go and move forward for a life that is filled with what truly matters!

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Books, programs, coaching & more for rediscovering ways for you to live fully.

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What People Are Saying

  • I am an involved, active woman, with a passion for helping people live their lives to the fullest. To make the best of my potential, I challenge myself on a regular basis. I needed some guidance to focus on goals and setting my priorities. That’s when I knew Pierrette Raymond could help. I had followed her on Facebook, and when I signed up to her program Women Living Fully, she helped me make a difference in my future. She is one of the professionals that I have in my toolkit for my life journey.”

    Hélène Sinclair
    Hélène Sinclair
  • I initially met Pierrette at a ‘Ladies Who Mentor’ event that she hosted. I was immediately impressed. She came across as very genuine, knowledgeable and professional. I later joined her group ‘Women Living Fully’ and responded to one of her posts about how she could guide people to live fully, both personally and professionally, through her Program. It was just what I needed. I signed up.”

    Patricia Hansen
    Patricia Hansen
  • Pierrette Raymond came in my life exactly when I needed her.

    Pierrette was one of the business owners participating in the makeover. It took me weeks before I would even let her into my house, but she gently nudged me to get on with it. So I unlocked my door and let her into my life.

    Pierrette’s empathy is beyond measure.

    Through the Ottawa Makeover Project, and with Pierrette’s help, I went from overwhelmed to a new strong person. I needed someone to help me take charge. Pierrette was that focal point.”

    Cathy Whitney
    Cathy Whitney
  • I had never had a life coach, didn’t even know what one was, but I took a chance, and it changed my future.

    My initial conversation with Pierrette was emotional; I Iet all my feelings out, all the issues that were dragging me down. Pierrette listened and asked me what did I want to do? She told me about her program, and helped me to choose the direction of this new venture. I’ve never looked back.

    Pierrette taught me to reach out to my new friends and to ask for their support. I did it I put myself first and took back my life!”

    Jan White
    Jan White
  • Pierrette presented at our IAAP Ottawa Chapter meeting on Simplifying our Lives for Maximum Results. Pierrette’s clear and concise steps have provided me with the extra push I needed to purge ‘stuff’ at home.  Her SET technique (Simple, Easy and Timed) guided me to do just that. Less talk and more action is what I’m now doing. No more thinking about those things to do. I pick one closet, one drawer, one box and get to it. It doesn’t have to take your whole day – you can spend half an hour a day or set time on the weekend. If you are feeling overwhelmed with life in general, I would highly recommend you access some of Pierrette’s services to help you simplify your life so you can start living that happy and liberated life YOU deserve!”

    Hélène Sinclair
    Hélène Sinclair CAP-OM IAAP Ottawa Chapter
  • “Pierrette is that special kind of person who “cares” more than most. She has the ability to “go deep” and provide a level of service unexpected and undelivered by most. She makes a difference, makes an impact and makes you feel very special. I would not hesitate to recommend her or her services to anyone.”

    Rhonda Scharf
    Rhonda Scharf CSP Professional Speaker, Trainer & Author
  • Pierrette’s vision, energy and infectious enthusiasm for the wonders and joys of life made Women Moving Forward a powerful gathering place. The connections and friendships made there have lasted for years and carried the personal and professional growth from those meetings out into the community. Having worked with her on projects for other professional associations, I know that she is always effervescent, reliable, encouraging and ready with suggestions and support to create success.”

    Sheila MacLeod
    Sheila MacLeod BA, CPC, CGL,Experienced Human Relations & Communication Specialist — Clarity Coach — Writer — Facilitator
  • Pierrette has always been on the leading edge of various things and a true leader. Her creativity and thinking outside the box has helped many women business owners achieve their results and now she is helping others to move forward through their grieving process. She is a compassionate and caring individual who deeply believes in helping others.”

    Tina Short
    Tina Short Owner at A Memorable Gift

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