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Attention COOs and 2nd In Commands!

Your role as COO and 2nd In Command is vitally important to the success of your company, its people and your customer experience, therefore, it’s important for you to regularly assess your role and its key components to identify areas for you to improve upon, and to highlight areas where additional support and guidance would be helpful.

This assessment will identify your strengths and your company’s strengths too. It will also provide you with an opportunity to see where improvements can be made. Fill out the form below and get your copy of the Assessment and Checklist now.

Work with Pierrette

The COOs and 2nd in Commands who invest in themselves are professional, hard-working, dedicated leaders.

Work 1-on-1 with Pierrette

If you’re a COO or 2nd in Command dedicated to growing your company, supporting your team and reaching new levels of personal excellence, working 1:1 with Pierrette is an exclusive opportunity for you. With her help, support and guidance, you will reach your personal and professional goals, while being fully supported in all that you do in your role running operations in your company.

Join a Mastermind

This is an exclusive opportunity for you the COO or 2nd In Command who wants to experience the power of networking and masterminding with your peers as an invaluable opportunity to share impactful resources, troubleshoot common problems and receive mutual support on a regular basis. Apply to be part of a Mastermind experience specifically tailored to you and your company size.

Invite Pierrette to speak at your event

Pierrette is passionate about mentoring, coaching and guiding COOs and 2nd in Commands to run profitable operations, create engaged cultures, while having a profound impact on their teams and their communities. Pierrette’s facilitation and keynotes will improve the lives of your audience members and conference attendees in a way that impacts their companies.

Together we can improve your operations, your company culture and maximize profitability!

COO Event – Exclusive Peer-to-Peer Masterminding for the 2nd in Command

Working behind the scenes, managing so many roles and responsibilities as the COO or 2nd in Command isn’t easy. Our COO Events are geared to help you:

  • Look at your business from a new perspective every 60 days
  • Strategize and and troubleshoot, with the help of your peers, challenges you are facing
  • Network and collaborate with other COOs and 2nd in Commands who understand goals and growth

Apply to join us at the next COO Event

Exclusive peer-to-peer masterminding for COOs and 2nd In Commands.

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