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Weekly Newsletter Increases Employee Engagement

The Power of JunkMail What if you could have a tool that brings your team together on a regular basis that is not only informational but builds your culture of […]

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    The In-Betweenness of Transition: It’s Ok to Not Know

    There have been so many changes happening around us with much uncertainty too. We are living in a time where the future can seem so foreign because so much has […]

    Love & Loss – Losing My Precious Mia

    I painted my dog’s gravestone yesterday. I did not expect to be writing about this today when I shared my last message. In fact, we were so full of excitement […]

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    Milestones – Are They to be Celebrated?

    “It’s only a number”, one person said. “You should just live it up. It’s a special milestone”, said another. “It’s just another day”, from someone else. “Not everyone gets an […]

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    When Hanging On Is Holding You Back

    He fought hard. He was adamant. He was not going to let it all go. “No. I want to keep it”, was something he said repeatedly, insistently, and yes stubbornly […]

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