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How to Trust Your Inner Voice

This is something we hear often, and for the most part, we know the feeling. It’s that feeling in your body, often in your heart or stomach area, that this […]

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    Weekly Newsletter Increases Employee Engagement

    The Power of JunkMail What if you could have a tool that brings your team together on a regular basis that is not only informational but builds your culture of […]

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    The In-Betweenness of Transition: It’s Ok to Not Know

    There have been so many changes happening around us with much uncertainty too. We are living in a time where the future can seem so foreign because so much has […]

    Love & Loss – Losing My Precious Mia

    I painted my dog’s gravestone yesterday. I did not expect to be writing about this today when I shared my last message. In fact, we were so full of excitement […]

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    Milestones – Are They to be Celebrated?

    “It’s only a number”, one person said. “You should just live it up. It’s a special milestone”, said another. “It’s just another day”, from someone else. “Not everyone gets an […]

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