How to Trust Your Inner Voice

This is something we hear often, and for the most part, we know the feeling. It’s that feeling in your body, often in your heart or stomach area, that this just feels right. It’s calm. It’s reassuring. It just feels like home.

When we are faced with making a decision, we often forget about that feeling in our gut and we go to our head. We start thinking about what is right. What we should do. What would people think? How will I make money? 

And with that, then comes the cycle of:

“What if this is wrong?”

“What if I make a mistake?”

“What if…what if….what if…..?”

What to Do Instead

Instead, go to your gut, your heart, your sense of comfort, joy and excitement that you feel in your body and then ask what if….

“What if this is right?”

“What if this is right and everything I need to trust is right here?”

“What if what I am feeling is guiding me down the right path?”

I know the feeling of wanting to trust your gut and letting your head get in the way.

So when you are faced with making a decision, sit quietly. Think about both options. Think about what you are deciding upon.

What feels right?

What excites you?

What makes you feel like if this could deliver the joy, the fulfillment, the money you want in your life.

And on the subject of money….take money part out of it for a minute. 

Does it feel better, in your body, intuitively, if you detach from the money of it all? There lies the important distinction.

If you do things solely to drive money, you will lose the love for it very, very quickly.

So ask yourself…what feels right, in your heart, in your gut, even, in your soul, that is service, fulfillment and joy?

Therein lies your answer.


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