Letting Go & Leaning In – Turning Change Into Chance

I never thought the business I sold last summer would be back in my hands. Everything was in place, and the expectation was that the sale would all go as planned. Since realizing this will not be the case, and the business will be relinquished back to me, I have been practicing the one thing I guide my clients through – letting go and leaning in.

The Curveball

When it became apparent that my home transition business of eight years would be relinquished back to me so unexpectedly, I went through all of the emotions a sudden and unexpected curveball causes.

At first, I was in complete disbelief. How could this be happening? Everything was in place for the new owner to succeed and exponentially grow the business as their own.

Then I was flooded with a combination of sadness and anger. I was sad for the new owner that unplanned circumstances derailed all of their best plans. I was sad that I was going to take back something that I didn’t want and had been happy to see move forward without me, and I was sad that this curveball would take precious time away from what I love, growing my businesses and serving my clients.

Anger surfaced too. I was angry that I now had to make room for a business that I didn’t want to make room for, and I was angry that what I had counted on financially through our structured contract was now falling apart.

It took me a few days to process everything. The signs were obvious that there would be no other option but to take back the business.

I consulted with my husband, friends, my lawyer, and other professionals I trust. We’d make it work. We had to.

I had to let go of so much while I stepped fully into leaning in.

Leaning In and Letting Go

I had to let go of any ill feelings I was experiencing. I had acknowledged them, felt them fully, and now it was time to let them go.

There is no room for sadness or anger when you are faced with making things right for everyone involved.

I then had to lean in. I had to lean in with unwavering curiosity into the possibilities and the opportunities this would create. I didn’t know why fate was bringing this business back to me, but I had to focus on what was possible and what opportunities could be created. I had to lean in fully so that I could make decisions and move forward.

Seeing the Possibilities and Opportunities

Now that I’m on the other side of it and most of the pieces have fallen into place, the opportunity to guide and mentor an entrepreneur who has a deep desire to grow something of their own while being trained by someone who has twenty-three years of business experience is encouraging. I’m looking for a person who is seeking an opportunity and is ready to create something amazing for themselves. There’s something special and fulfilling in it all.

What about you? When life threw you a curve ball, how did you respond? What did you do to let go and lean in? What did you learn?

We all deal with unexpected twists and turns in our businesses and our lives. We may not know why they are happening at the time, and we may feel an array of emotions that cause us to want to push back. Instead, we need to acknowledge how we feel, experience them fully and not suppress them, and then let go and lean into possibility and opportunity. In there lies something that can be greater than we initially thought possible.

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