Stop Settling! Align Your Vision With What Matters Most

At a recent training and mastermind I hosted with a small group of business owners, I asked them to list their revenue streams under one heading, from the products to services they provide.

I then asked them to rank them in the order in which they brought in the most revenue.

Once they were ranked by revenue, we unpacked who they most loved to work with, and the services that brought them the greatest return on personal and professional satisfaction – not based on revenue.

I then asked them the following question that brought about some interesting and surprising insights:

If you could choose one thing that you do to make money and have the level of impact you desire, AND it brought in an abundance of money, time and energy, what would you do?”

Out of the group of five business owners, only one circled her number one revenue driver. In fact, two of them didn’t even have what they would do listed as a current revenue stream.

Although they were surprised, I was not.

Aligning your revenue with your impact

How often do we follow money as the price of what we want and love to do? We often compromise and fall back on things we know that are comfortable, easy and find us. We can then begin to tolerate them despite us knowing they may not be aligned with the vision for our company and/or our lives.

Are your revenue goals in line with your impact?

  • What are you tolerating? Are there revenue streams that are not fully supporting you, your business, your team and your vision?
  • What decisions can you make, slowly or swiftly, that will realign revenue with your vision and your desired impact?
  • Do you require support from others, if so, who? What do you need to gain their buy-in?
  • Take action! Make a decision, implement the action and test the results.

As we unpacked these questions as a group, it was an impactful start to our training and mastermind day. It cleared the way for what they knew deep down was something they were meant to pay attention to. Had we not gotten to this realization from the start of the day, we would have wasted precious time building a solid plan for growth and fulfillment that was misaligned.

If you were to list your revenue streams and rank them in the order of most revenue, would your number one item be what you know you are most meant to be doing?

Is your number one revenue stream bringing you the level of satisfaction, fulfillment and abundance in time, money and energy?

Is it allowing you to have the impact you want to make while serving those you feel most called to help?

If you have been feeling misaligned, but you can’t quite put your finger on why, ask yourself he above questions. Be completely honest with yourself and look at the whole picture.

I host monthly training and masterminds in person and online. If you’re curious about how being in a small, vetted group of business owners and executives like you can help you gain greater clarity and focus, while creating a solid action plan to grow your business and your impact, reach out to me.

Every session is geared to those in the room, and the same group works with each other every sixty days. Imagine the power of gaining insight and ideas from those with a variety of experiences and expertise, while you focus on growing your business while aligning it with your life.

We’re waiting for you. Join us!

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