In times of transition and when facing uncertainty, it's ok to pause and be in the in-betweenness and the not knowing. The pause allows you to reprioritize and hit reset on your business and your life.

The In-Betweenness of Transition: It’s Ok to Not Know

There have been so many changes happening around us with much uncertainty too. We are living in a time where the future can seem so foreign because so much has changed.

Times of transition can be hard. We can feel like we’re standing between two worlds – the one in the past and the one in the future. We often feel we should have the answers and we may feel rushed to make decisions to move forward. But it’s ok to sit in a time of transition and pause, to feel the in-betweenness of the past and the future, and not knowing the answers. It’s ok to pause, to wait, to think, to feel, to not know.

I don’t think we’re meant to know all of the answers all of the time. I think we’re supposed to be in limbo, in between, so that we can hit reset. Reset our priorities, reset our businesses, reset our lives. 

We may have been moving too fast, or pushing too hard, or simply letting life pass us by. We may have been caught in routines and pressures of responsibilities, without really giving our souls an opportunity to listen to what really matters and what is most important.

A time of transition is a time to put things into perspective, to gain clarity, to reset our businesses and our lives. Click To Tweet

It’s the times of transition that give us the opportunity to look back, to see how far we have come, to evaluate what we have loved, what we have lost, what we want more of, what we want less of, and to look into the future with a new plan, a sense of hope, inspiration and gratitude.

When in a time of transition, let go of the idea that you must decide, that you must know the answers, that you must have it all figured out. Because it’s ok if you don’t. It’s ok to not know. It’s ok to take the time to figure it out, one moment, one day, one week or month at a time. 

Give yourself permission to just be in a time of transition, in the in-betweenness of knowing and not knowing so that you can find your answers and reset your business and your life.

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