Elizabeth Crook

Supporting: YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee

Elizabeth has chosen the YWCA in Nashville & Middle Tennessee as her One Million Ten Million Project (#1M10MProject) recipient.   This organization is about giving women a voice and becoming physically and financially independent.

About Elizabeth Crook

Elizabeth B. Crook is a Best Selling Author – Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide To Whats Next. She has helped hundreds to invent and re-invent themselves after their early career success. She helps people thrive, integrating their work and personal lives, especially those in the 40+ crowd. She is also the CEO of Orchard Advisors where entrepreneurs, business and community leaders and philanthropist turn when they want to live large and grow both their enterprise and their impact. She is a mother, a grandmother, and a hardened hiker! Elizabeth has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Daily Worth, Next Avenue & Better Book Club.


Elizabeth on the Living Fully Show

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