Peer-to-Peer Mastermind for the COO & 2nd In Command

The COO Peer-to-Peer Mastermind Advantage

CEOs have known and benefited from masterminds and peer-to-peer guidance and support as far back as Napoleon Hill’s introduction to masterminds in his world-renowned book Think & Grow Rich. Masterminds and peer-to-peer support networks are at the cornerstone of successful businesses, mostly reserved for CEOs and business owners.

But there hasn’t been a true network for COOs and 2nd In Commands exclusively reserved for them and their role running operations in their companies. Until now.

The COO Alliance was started by Cameron Herold, the founding COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Cameron created the COO Alliance after working with many Chief Executive Officers (COOs) when he left his role as COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? in 2007. He then focused and dedicated his work on helping CEOs as a coach and mentor through his private practice called BackPocket COO. Since then, he has worked with thousands of CEOs as their COO for hire, bridging the gap in what was missing in their operations to reach the levels of success they only dreamed of.

As his private practice grew, CEOs began to ask Cameron for his guidance in coaching their COOs. Thus began the COO Alliance, a peer-to-peer mastermind and exclusive year-long program for COOs and 2nd In Commands. In the past two years, the COO Alliance has helped their members grow over 10X their investment year over year.

This experience is now available to you.

Who qualifies for the COO peer-to-peer experience?

Peer-to-peer masterminds only work if the right people are seated at the table. Because the main focus is on learning from each other, those who are part of a peer-to-peer experience must be willing to share openly, honestly and be willing to hear ideas and suggestions from others too. A true desire to share, and to learn, is at the forefront of the experience.

In addition, similar levels of experience or at the very least, similar objectives for growth, both personal and professional, must be another qualifying measure. If someone is seated at the table and is not interested in their personal and professional growth, at the same or similar level as those who sit next to him or her, the experience won’t work. The right people have to be seated at the table.

When Cameron reached out to me earlier this summer and asked if I would spearhead the COO Alliance City Forum in Ottawa, I hesitated at first because I already had a lot on my plate with my own 1-800-GOT-JUNK? business as well as my home transition business and my private practice as a coach and mentor to visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Despite all this, I asked that he send me the information. The next day, a buyer stepped up for my home transition business and, as they say, the rest is history. My home transition business sold in July, allowing me the time I needed to start the COO Alliance City Forum in Ottawa.

What is the COO Alliance City Forum?

Mirroring the COO Alliance success, the COO Alliance City Forum is also a peer-to-peer mastermind and year-long program for COOs and 2nd in Commands who want to grow their businesses, network, learn and share with other COOs and 2nd in Commands in a variety of industries. Contrary to the COO Alliance, the City Forum meets regularly, locally with no travel (you’re home in the morning and you’re home for dinner too), every 60 days for momentum, consistency and measurable growth.

Who qualifies for the COO Alliance City Forum?

The COO Alliance City Forum is for COOs and 2nd In Commands of companies who are in the multimillion dollar stages of their businesses. Ideally, members qualify if they are at the $3-10 million in revenue stage of their businesses and have teams of 20 to 50 people. If your company falls into that category, and your position within the company is COO, Director of Operations, Operations Manager, Executive Director or 2nd in command – you qualify for the COO Alliance City Forum.

Other options if you are not at the COO Alliance City Forum level?

If your company does not qualify for the COO Alliance City Forum, but you are still interested in the peer-to-peer mastermind year-long experience, I am opening my private practice to help you to grow, both privately and within a peer-to-peer mastermind year-long experience as well.

You won’t miss out on what the COO Alliance or COO Alliance City Forum offers larger companies, as I will be providing it to you too.

If you fall between $500,000 to $3 million dollars in annual revenue, and/or have a team of 5-20 people, then this group is for you.

Next Steps

Want to learn more? Contact me and let’s discuss the options that are the right fit for you.

The peer-to-peer mastermind experience is available to you! Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!


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