Pat Obuchowski

Supporting: Global Woman’s Leadership Network

Pat has chosen to highlight the great work that Global Woman’s Leadership Network as her #1M10MProject recipient. Here are the reasons she chose this organization to highlight and support.

The Global Woman’s Leadership Network (GWLN) was founded in California, USA, over ten years ago. Its primary purpose is to help train women from around the world to step into leadership roles. These women will attend a powerful and transformational Leadership Development Program and take back the skills they have learned to their home countries and help to shape more women leaders. Over 200 women from around the world have completed the program and are making a difference in their leadership roles.

“My One Million Ten Million Project is the  Global Woman’s Leadership Network. as they help women who are leading courageously, creatively, and powerfully around the world and we catalyze their impact.”

About Pat Obuchowski

Pat Obuchowski is an executive and leadership coach and the Author of Gutsy Women Win: How to Get Going and Get Gutsy. Pat brings to her business over 20 years experience in leadership in companies such as Visa Int’l and General Electric as well as growing another successful business to over one million dollars in 2 1/2 years. She is a professionally certified coach in her own successful business for 16 years.


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