Pierrette Raymond

Supporting: The Good Human Experiment

Pierrette has chosen to highlight the great work that The Good Human Experiment as her One Million Ten Million Project recipient. Here are the reasons she chose this organization to highlight and support.

About Pierrette Raymond

Pierrette Raymond is the founder of the One Million Ten Million Project. She is a visionary and multi-business owner who works with visionaries and entrepreneurs to help them create their visions, live their missions and have the impact only they can make. She is the founder of Visionaries Creating Impact and Women Living Fully.

She is also the host of the Living Fully Show, a weekly podcast & videocast which features visionaries and organizations making a difference in their communities. The Living Fully Show showcases their stories of resilience, perseverance and determination, while providing tips and strategies to live your vision and mission fully. You can subscribe to the Living Fully Show on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

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