How to Grow Your Audience to Sell More & Make More

She sat on the wingback chair in my office, frustrated that she wasn’t selling her photography classes the way she had hoped. When I asked her for her metrics, the number of people on her list, the number of people following her, liking her, engaging with her on social media, the numbers were rather small. In fact, they were considerably small. We had a quick discussion about the law of averages and then she asked, “How do I grow my audience to sell more and make more?”

If you are a business owner and entrepreneur like her, you want to reach more people, have a greater impact, and yes, sell more and make more. If your audience is small, it will be proportionate to your income level. Zig Ziglar has a very popular quote that can be misleading. He stated, “You can have everything that you want, if you help other people get what they want.” What is missing from that quote is that the more people you help, the more your audience grows, and as a result, so will you get more of you want, including income.

But how to do you grow your audience to sell more and make more? Here are some suggestions:


Remember that everything you do revolves around these three questions and their answers:

1. Who is your target audience? Who specifically are you trying to help?
2. What are their pain points, worries or challenges?
3. What solutions do you offer?

As you share your message, your products and services, speak to them. Speak to their pain and challenges. Speak to what they are going through that worries them or keeps them up at night. Speak to their desire to learn more, be more, do more, live more fully. And watch them step forward to ask about what you are offering.


You have innate skills and talents that you have developed through the years, things that come naturally and easy for you, either through a natural ability or from practice, experience and training. What are those things? And how can you leverage them so you focus your time, money and energy on those things, while you delegate the rest?

As you create your action plan, what can you do that will create a big impact and what can you delegate?


You can’t do it all, so do what is most important and will bring the biggest return. Prioritize everything that you do with what is easiest, most effective and will get you the fastest results. Start with the top 3-5 and then work your way through the rest of the list AND delegate it accordingly.


You can’t be the best kept secret and grow your audience and income.  You have to be seen. You have to be heard. You have to get known. And  yes, you can do it. Get out of your own way and let go of what others will think or say.

Remember who you are serving/helping! They need you. Focus on them, one person at a time!! Click To Tweet


As you take action, keep track of what is working and what is not. What themes are resonating with your audience? What themes are falling flat? What wording are you using that is getting them to engage, ask questions or ask for your help? Pay attention! Your market is sharing with you what they love, need and want.

As you step into growing your audience, remember that people are waiting for you to share what you offer. They will never know you exist if you do not tell them what you do, the pain and challenges you resolve, and how you can help make their lives better.


1. Your portfolio: Create a body of work, testimonials, that you can share regularly to showcase the results your clients are getting.

2. Share your workshops, webinars, classes and other offerings that will teach people what you know.

3. DIY videos or photos. How can you teach your audience what you know is short DIY videos?

4. Product info using photos and videos.

5. Invite audience to share their own progress, projects, results.

6. Challenge – a 5 day challenge inviting audience to try something related to your teaching or your field. Invite them to be curious, explore and share their results.

7. Special offers and promotions

8. Contests

9. Other related experts in your field- share what you like about what they are posting, share from your trained eye and experience, and to help someone who wants to learn.

10. Fun and out-of-the-ordinary subjects related to your field.

11. Quotes and memes about your themes, your industry and/or your expertise.

12. Your own journey! Be open to sharing your progress, what you are learning, what you are experiencing as you move forward and live fully.


Have questions? Need help? I’m here to help you step fully into your vision and mission. Schedule your time with me and let’s create the plan that will grow your audience so that you can sell more and make more, and ultimately create the impact that only you can make!

In case you missed the Live video I did on this subject, come join us in Visionaries Creating Impact, for more learning and sharing, and watch the video on my business page too.


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