I sat in my car and wept

I sat in my car and wept today. I had to leave the sand bagging site as I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed by the magnitude of everything.

Every single shovel full of sand was making a difference.
Every single bag that was being filled had the potential to save a home.
Every single time we lifted, grunted, felt pain in our bodies, as we moved one bag into the arms of another in our beautifully orchestrated chain of moving sand bags to the trucks in waiting, meant someone’s family had a chance.

The magnitude of it all was all too much.

As I sat in the car, with the heat on to warm my aching muscles, I couldn’t help but feel for all those who didn’t have a home to go to, who were walking in hip waders to their homes, or moving through streets in boats, to see if their place of memories was ok.

Every shovel full of sand.
Every bag full filled with love.
Every zip tie wrapped with care.
Every arm, hand, heave-hoe.

Every one.
Every one.


Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!




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