She was stuck but found her way to move forward.

The challenge to fit in, to be enough, to matter when so many matter more. It’s what kept her stuck.

It’s all irrational though, when you truly think about it. She is so very different, so herself, and yes, she gets trapped in comparison.

Ah! But these are not matters of the mind. These are matters of the heart. They trick her mind into thinking something she is not.

“Am I truly worthy? Do I measure up? What if I don’t? Who am I then? And what is the point? I don’t feel like I can.”

These are the words of a heart that has been broken, questioned or abandoned. That inner ability to say, “I’m ok” has been shattered by past hurt and lost love.

It’s the inability to believe in herself, to stand strong in herself and what she knows is right, what she believes in, what she truly feels, in the depth of her soul, and what she knows is calling her name.

And yet…and yet…she hungers. She feels the desire to let it go.

That voice is there. Her voice is there. Her heart can mend. She can change the words dancing in her mind so that they now tell her she no longer needs approval, reassurance, to hear that she is ok.

She is ok. She is absolutely ok.

She can feel it from within.

“I am enough.
I do matter.
I have all that I need to live fully.”

She has changed the narrative.
She is living fully.

It’s her turn.


Is it your turn? Have you been feeling held back by past hurt and lost love?

Are you struggling to hear your own voice and share it too?

You can let it go. You can take the steps to make this your turn to live your life fully.

“You just have to believe in yourself. Let go of comparison. Let go of the narrative that you are not enough. You are enough & you matter.”

Not sure how to move forward? Not sure what to do from here? Reach out to Pierrette. She is here to help.

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