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As a COO or 2nd in Command you may find yourself feeling alone.

Chances are you are working extremely hard to manage all things operational in your business, managing employees, contractors, finances, equipment and inventory. You have a lot on your shoulders!

You may find yourself asking, “Who can I turn to for help?”

In those moments, you can rest assured that you are not alone. All COOs and 2nd in Commands feel pulled in many directions, with many people who count on them to get it right.
If you are looking to take find the guidance, support and community to help you grow your business, create an amazing company culture, improve profitability while you feel supported and guided too as you manage all of the company’s operations, you have come to the right place.

Together, we will work to help you improve your operations and scale your company while you support your employees and your team.

And the best part is you can continue to make a huge difference in the lives of the people that matter most to you.

The COOs and 2nd in Commands who invest in themselves to work with me are professional, hard-working, dedicated leaders.

They work hard to ensure all of the pieces work together in the business. Often, because they give so much to everyone else, they feel isolated and struggle alone.

But you are not alone. Together we will:

  • Align you and your team with the company vision and mission for greater profitability, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • Provide you with a network of peers and strategic partners who will guide and support your personal and professional growth in your role as COO and 2nd in Command.
  • Provide you with the tools and strategies to let go of what is no longer serving you, your business and your teams, which will create time, money, and energy for priorities that will impact all aspects of the business.
  • Mentor and coach you through the challenges you will face as a COO & 2nd in Command, ensuring you are supported through your company’s challenges and growth.

“They say destiny is already written. But I believe you have to grab the pen and become the author of your life.”

  • I am an involved, active woman, with a passion for helping people live their lives to the fullest. To make the best of my potential, I challenge myself on a regular basis. I needed some guidance to focus on goals and setting my priorities. That’s when I knew Pierrette Raymond could help. I had followed her on Facebook, and when I signed up to her program Women Living Fully, she helped me make a difference in my future. She is one of the professionals that I have in my toolkit for my life journey.”

    Hélène Sinclair
    Hélène Sinclair
  • I initially met Pierrette at a ‘Ladies Who Mentor’ event that she hosted. I was immediately impressed. She came across as very genuine, knowledgeable and professional. I later joined her group ‘Women Living Fully’ and responded to one of her posts about how she could guide people to live fully, both personally and professionally, through her Program. It was just what I needed. I signed up.”

    Patricia Hansen
    Patricia Hansen
  • Pierrette Raymond came in my life exactly when I needed her.

    Pierrette was one of the business owners participating in the makeover. It took me weeks before I would even let her into my house, but she gently nudged me to get on with it. So I unlocked my door and let her into my life.

    Pierrette’s empathy is beyond measure.

    Through the Ottawa Makeover Project, and with Pierrette’s help, I went from overwhelmed to a new strong person. I needed someone to help me take charge. Pierrette was that focal point.”

    Cathy Whitney
    Cathy Whitney
  • I had never had a life coach, didn’t even know what one was, but I took a chance, and it changed my future.

    My initial conversation with Pierrette was emotional; I Iet all my feelings out, all the issues that were dragging me down. Pierrette listened and asked me what did I want to do? She told me about her program, and helped me to choose the direction of this new venture. I’ve never looked back.

    Pierrette taught me to reach out to my new friends and to ask for their support. I did it I put myself first and took back my life!”

    Jan White
    Jan White
  • Pierrette presented at our IAAP Ottawa Chapter meeting on Simplifying our Lives for Maximum Results. Pierrette’s clear and concise steps have provided me with the extra push I needed to purge ‘stuff’ at home.  Her SET technique (Simple, Easy and Timed) guided me to do just that. Less talk and more action is what I’m now doing. No more thinking about those things to do. I pick one closet, one drawer, one box and get to it. It doesn’t have to take your whole day – you can spend half an hour a day or set time on the weekend. If you are feeling overwhelmed with life in general, I would highly recommend you access some of Pierrette’s services to help you simplify your life so you can start living that happy and liberated life YOU deserve!”

    Hélène Sinclair
    Hélène Sinclair CAP-OM IAAP Ottawa Chapter

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