The Truth

I, like many, are feeling the visceral effects of the US elections. For me, it feels as though I’ve been punched in the gut, hard. For the past year, we’ve witnessed how one man epitomized everything negative in our world, time and time again. And with every moment of his despicable hatred, disrespect, and pain-inflicting actions, our own stories of being discriminated against, being harassed and disrespected for being simply who we are, all of that pain, that awful pain, rose to the surface.

Watching it all unfold last evening, into this morning’s results, realizing that this type of behavior, beliefs and pain inflicted so openly on others was being tolerated, no, accepted, by a majority of a nation is absolutely heartbreaking.

What have they not seen, or felt?

How is this at all acceptable?

Messages of hope and moving forward are rising to the surface to bring comfort to those who are afraid, who fear what will come next.

I feel sick.

I feel hurt.

I feel so very sad.

The pain that was so vividly broadcasted for months is to be brushed under the rug and everyone is to move forward like it never happened, for it is what it is.

This is nonsense and many will continue to suffer, in silence, for the people have spoken and this is the outcome that they, we, must face, as a human race.

I say honour your feelings. I say be real with your feelings. What you are feeling is absolutely real.

But how? How can you honour your feelings when we are to rise above it all, take the high road, and make good from what has gone bad?

You continue to be you. You continue to be kind, respectful, compassionate and supportive.

You mourn with those who are grieving.
You comfort those who are afraid.

And you take care of you. You honour your feelings by sharing them, expressing them, releasing them. Not with hatred. Not by adding additional fear. Not by acting in revenge.

But acting in love and kindness, towards others, and towards yourself.

Choose to honour your feelings with grace and dignity. And do the same for others who are feeling like they too have been punched in the gut, left feeling the pain of all of our past hurts and those we fear are yet to come.

Be with those who love and support you, and who will honour what you are experiencing. And if you must be with those who do not understand what you are feeling, shelter yourself by not letting their words affect you, for they have their own stories, their own life experiences, and they are different from your own.

Walk with curiosity and courage and be you, all of you, with kindness, respect and compassion.

How will things turn out? We have yet to see what will come of the sweeping of it all under the rug.

I will not let my voice be silenced by this. I will be there to comfort and support those who need to know they are not alone, that this pain is real and that we are the ones who need to make the change.

Talk to your loved ones and your children about all that we need in the world and model that, more than ever. Model it every single day.

You, we, have a responsibility to not let this be swept under the rug. We have a responsibility to say that it’s not ok. And we do that by showing up with love and support for each other.

Every single day.

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