When You Say Yes to You

Recently, a group of women and a couple of men said yes to themselves for a life makeover through the Ottawa Makeover Project. They submitted their application to be part of a six-month, very involved process to makeover every area of their life. Submitting their name for the Project was not easy for most as it meant having to say yes to themselves in a much bigger way.

The Ottawa Makeover Project involves being vulnerable and stepping into the unknown. It requires honesty about finances, your health and wellbeing, eating habits and exercise regime. It asks of the recipient to be ready to fully engage with every partner who has offered their services to improve their lives.

Major accountability, tracking and result measuring is part of the experience. It’s intense.

The outcome – a deeper appreciation for who they are, what they want for their lives, and the ultimate gift to themselves, living fully in every possible way.

Most of the women that I work with, privately and through Women Living Fully, are so dedicated to taking care of everyone else that they find themselves with low energy, lack of motivation, a sense of feeling not good enough, and well, feeling depleted and unhappy.

They want to live fully and have lives that are are meaningful. Yes, parts of their lives are great, while others do not nourish them in any way, and they wonder what more is there for them in their lives. Perhaps this resonates with you, or with someone that you know.

How often do you say yes to you, a true, unadulterated yes to you, with what you want and what brings you the greatest fulfilment from the inside out?

This is the stuff that gives you energy brings you peace, and provides you with deep fulfilment. That stuff. When was the last time did that?

My guess is you do so either very sporadically or not often enough.

You probably have great intentions and plan on a list of things for you – a bath while reading a book before bed, however with everyone and everything else asking for your time and attention, you take a shower and go to bed exhausted.

Or if you plan on having a day of having fun, going to the spa, or going to the bookstore by yourself, something always comes up and you say yes to that instead of to you. You settle and compromise. And that drains you too.

So what if for the next week, you start noticing what you are saying yes to instead of saying yes to you. Make a list of the things that take up your time, your energy, and your focus. Notice it and document it. Write it down.

AND, while you’re at it, start taking mini self-care breaks. Five minutes at a time where you get to do something just for you. Something that gives you energy, from the inside out. Make a list of those things and do them – consistently.

I encourage you to say yes to you and begin noticing how you feel, what happens at work, in your home and in your life. Who do you become when you put you at the top of the priority list every day, for moments in the day? Who are you for everyone else when you get to take care of you first?

Post in the comments below what one thing you will do to say yes to you. And then come back and share with us how that affected everyone else in your life. My guess it will do them all a world of good when you say yes to you.

When you say yes to you and your inner joy, everyone around you benefits. 

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