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Collaborate For Greater Impact

I remember the first time I collaborated with another visionary who was feeling called to impact a lot of people. It was way back in 2003, when I had my first women’s group. The person with whom [...]


When Nothing Feels the Same – Getting Through Loss & Transition

    “I felt like the puzzle pieces of my life had been thrown across the floor and now I was left to put them back together. I was going through so much after her death. The [...]


When Tragedy Strikes – How to Heal Your Heart & Help Others

“The world has gone mad!” “How can someone massacre all of these innocent and beautiful people?” “I’m feeling so sad!” “I’m so angry! I want to punch something.” You may have been experiencing [...]


It’s Time to Overcome Procrastination!

In 2003, my sister-in-law went in for routine surgery to remove a cyst in her uterus which turned out to be far worse. They discovered malignant tumours which turned out to be ovarian cancer. [...]


Calling All Dreamers & Visionaries!

That pull….that deep knowing that there is something bigger that you are supposed to do, something that is calling you, pulling you forward….yes, THAT! I absolutely know that pull, [...]

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