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Say Yes to Your Dream

A writing retreat. In the mountains. In early May. As I read the details, I felt myself start to weigh the pros and cons. My dream to write my next book, my 5th book, had been nagging at me for a [...]


When It Gets Lonely, Remember You Are Not Alone

“I know this is the right thing for me. I know it. I feel it”, she said with such conviction. Then she followed with, “I feel so alone sometimes though. I feel like many don’t understand what I [...]


Collaborate For Greater Impact

I remember the first time I collaborated with another visionary who was feeling called to impact a lot of people. It was way back in 2003, when I had my first women’s group. The person with whom [...]


When Nothing Feels the Same – Getting Through Loss & Transition

    “I felt like the puzzle pieces of my life had been thrown across the floor and now I was left to put them back together. I was going through so much after her death. The [...]


When Tragedy Strikes – How to Heal Your Heart & Help Others

“The world has gone mad!” “How can someone massacre all of these innocent and beautiful people?” “I’m feeling so sad!” “I’m so angry! I want to punch something.” You may have been experiencing [...]

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