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Getting It Right When Challenges Arise as a COO

At the COO Alliance in Phoenix, Arizona, I was impressed by the CEOs and COOs who were there to grow their companies and themselves. Connecting with them confirmed a few things, especially the [...]


When Overwhelm Threatens to Bring You Down

When overwhelm threatens to bring you down as a COO, what are you to do? What are your options? “You know how hard it is to keep this all together?”, he pleaded. “There is so much to manage. [...]


How to Grow Your Audience to Sell More & Make More

She sat on the wingback chair in my office, frustrated that she wasn’t selling her photography classes the way she had hoped. When I asked her for her metrics, the number of people on her [...]


The $10,000 Decision

The room was filled to capacity. The lights were dim except for the spotlight on her on the stage. The backdrop had five silk banners, drapped and flowing downwards from floor to ceiling that [...]


Say Yes to Your Dream

A writing retreat. In the mountains. In early May. As I read the details, I felt myself start to weigh the pros and cons. My dream to write my next book, my 5th book, had been nagging at me for a [...]

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