Kelah Raymond

Supporting: Wandering to Wonderful Project

Kelah would like to bring attention to the important work that Jennise Beverly is doing through the organization she founded called Wandering to Wonderful Project, which supports grieving widows find respite, resources, and resilience. Jennise is a widow herself, who culled years of hospital administration experience and training to create proprietary programs that help people tap into their wealth of inner resources. The Project is geared towards widows in transition. The charity is headquartered in Houston,TX, however, through online offerings and weekend retreats, women from around the nation are able to participate. Thank you Kelah for bringing Jennise’s work and the Wandering to Wonderful Project into our One Million Ten Million Project.

About Kelah Raymond

Kelah Raymond is a mother of 2, wife to 1. She is an entrepreneur, a war veteran, a volunteer and a bikini fitness competitor. She is the founder SPARC Solutions Group, an organization of Human Resources Strategists dedicated to helping ambitious small and mid-sized businesses solve their people, performance, and problems or go after their next big thing!

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