Living Fully Show: How to Make Your Big Vision & Mission Come to Life!

When I started my first women’s organization in 2002 called Women Moving Forward, I know that this mission and vision of empowering women to live extraordinary lives was so much bigger than me. In fact, the vision was truly about One Million Women. Ten Million Lives., which meant empowering one million women to positively impact the lives of ten million people.

Once I closed down Women Moving Forward in 2008, I thought that that dream was done. I truly thought that that chapter of my life was closed and it was time to move on.

As fate would have it, I am getting a second chance with Women Living Fully and now the incredible big vision/mission of the #1M10MProject. The women who have rallied and said yes to this Project have been incredible and I feel so blessed to be in their company on this journey. (You can read about and join the #1M10MProject on the website at

This week’s Living Fully Show is dedicated to you, the one with the big vision and mission, the one who knows that there is something bigger for you to do, something that is calling you – pulling you forward.

If you are looking for advice, for help and for guidance, this Living Fully Show episode is for you!








If you have a vision and mission that is calling you forward, here is what I recommend:

1. Get quiet. Disconnect from the outside world. Book some time alone.
2. Take action! What are the first few steps you can take to move your vision and mission forward? Do those!
3. Share your vision and mission with those who have your back. Not everyone will get it or understand, therefore share it with those who believe in you and will give you the support you need moving forward.
4. Surround yourself with other visionaries. They get it. They understand what it’s like and they will be a wealth of experience, expertise and resources for you.
5. Stay focused on your vision and mission! Action creates momentum. Momentum creates results!


Do you have a big vision or mission? Share in the comments and/or get in touch with me. I’d love to hear about it and perhaps feature you as a guest on one of our upcoming Living Fully Show episodes!


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