When Tragedy Strikes – How to Heal Your Heart & Help Others

“The world has gone mad!”

“How can someone massacre all of these innocent and beautiful people?”

“I’m feeling so sad!”

“I’m so angry! I want to punch something.”

You may have been experiencing the emotional weight of the tragedies that have been occurring. From flooding to hurricanes, to massive outcries of prejudice and injustice, to horrific massacres of human lives.

It’s all so unbelievable, tragic and painful.

So what do we do? How can we navigate these times of such painful reminders of how life can be so cruel, so unfair, so tragic?

Here are some suggestions to help you navigate what you may be feeling and come together with others who may be feeling the same:

1. You are not alone! We are human, we are connected, there is oneness and it’s ok to feel it – fully. What you are going through is what many are going through too. It’s hard. It’s worrisome. It’s very sad. Acknowledge what you are feeling and be open to honouring it fully.
2. Feel the calling to help, in your own way, and do one thing. You may feel so helpless. How often has a tragedy occurred and you just didn’t know what to do? Ask for ways to help. Listen for ways to help. And then do what is right for you. You may not be able to take away the suffering or the pain but you can do something to help those who need to know they are not alone.
3. Take action then allow yourself to let go to move forward. Do something to help. Show up. Donate. Be a source of support and love. And once you have done that, give yourself permission to move forward. It’s ok to honour your journey and that of others. Show up and then move forward too.

To further help you or someone that you love or know who may need additional guidance and support, I dove into the archives of the Living Fully Show episodes and went straight to healing masters, those who work in the field of healing pain and grief, while helping to find meaning in such tragic circumstances.

For this article, I stayed away from the psychological impact and sources of relief. Instead, I wanted to focus on the matters of the heart, where we feel it most. By getting out of our heads and tapping into our hearts, we can be fully present with what we are experiencing and find comfort from within.

The first of the experts is Lisa Lajoie  Intuitive & Spiritual Advisor.

She can tap into spirituality and guide others to their own source of comfort through their soul. During our Living Fully Show interview, she and I were discussing how to be fully present with our feelings when things are not right. We discussed how to find our centre, that guiding inner knowing that is our compass. Here is what she suggested:

1. Practice being still with your breath. Put your hand on your heart, connect to your self, be still and listen to your own breath. Do not rush it. Be in the moment. Stop the frenzy and the emotional chaos you are feeling and be still. It is in that stillness that you will find comfort. It is in that stillness that you will nurture your self. It is in that stillness that you will find peace.

2. As you are in that stillness, ask how you can help others. Instead of running from it, honour your truth. Ask yourself, “What is my truth? What can I do to help?” As you hear and feel what comes up for you, let it land. Let it land and feel it. Then be the light to those who are suffering. Show them love and acceptance. Bring your light into their experience.

3. Then let it go. You can’t hold onto the pain as it will crush you, therefore you must honour the feelings, honour the pain and then let it go.

Meditation: Lisa has provided a meditation for the masses that you are welcome to use time and time again:

“Meditation for the Masses”


The second expert I turned to is Janice Masters, Shaman and intuitive healer.

She recommended something similar in our Living Fully Show interview and added depth in her Facebook Live, the day after the horrific events in Vegas. In her video, she recommended the following:

1. Remember “oneness”. We are all connected in a web of energy. Although the ego’s job is to convince us that we are separate and that we should be in fear, we must remember our oneness. Have a response and care. Be open to the energies of compassion and connection and embrace that feeling of heartbreak, as it is sad. There is grief. There is tremendous loss.

2. Listen to your heart for inspired action, even if you feel you can’t do anything to help. You will see opportunities to help, in your own community, or to help those who are directly affected by the tragedy. Let your heart be inspired by love and kindness, and take action.

3. Then withdraw. At some point, you will have to shut off the news and disconnect completely from it all. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, you must remember that not every need is yours to fill, and not every pain is yours to heal. You can do good then walk away.


As you can see, both highly gifted and experienced spiritual teachers and masters guide us through a similar process.

Both Lisa and Janice have private practices that you may wish to tap into if you are feeling like you need additional support. Connect with them. Share with them what you are feeling and ask how they can help. They are a wealth of experience, expertise and I highly recommend them.

As the world continues to show us a side that we wish not to see and experience, let us be the light and love for those who need us most. Let us not cower or hide. Let us step into it, feel it, take action to help, and then let it go, as it will make room for others to step into it, be the light and help too.

If you have comments, or you would like to share what you do to nurture your self during tragic times, do post in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you as it may inspire others to go through their own experience with greater ease and comfort. And please share. These women have great gifts and their message will heal others. Do share and let the ripple effect of their guidance help those who seek to find comfort.

Photo by Cerys Lowe on Unsplash

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