Are You Ready for a Fresh Start?

She left with a simple black garbage bag. She packed up her life of 22 years of marriage and decided that it was her time. She didn’t know how she would make it, she just knew she would.

That is Pat Mussieux’s story, a woman who gave so much to everyone else as a family member, spouse and friend that she came to a realization at the age of 57 that enough was enough. It was her time. In her own words, “My life had begun to suck the life out of my soul”.

So what do you do when you feel like you’ve given so much to everyone else and you feel it’s your turn? It’s your time? Do you do like Pat and pack up and move across the country to start over? Not necessarily.

Here is what Pat and I both recommend:

  1. Create a vision for  your life. “When your vision for your new life is stronger than what you left behind, you will be compelled to move forward.”
  2. It’s never too late. What do you want? What is most important? Get clear and then take action. Stop waiting. Take action.
  3. Be resourceful. Find what you need. Go get what you need. No excuses. Get over yourself and don’t let your ego guide you.
  4. Join a community to support you. Who do you turn to for support? Who are your “Circle of 5”? Ask for help.
  5. Take risks. Stop being afraid. Go out there and live!
  6. Keep it simple. Live what really matters. Stick to your plan. Let go of the stuff that is not important. You have the power to change, and you have the power to take action. You can do it.

If you feel it’s your time, your time to say yes to you, listen to what your heart and soul are calling you to do. Listen and take action.

If you need help, start by answering these questions. If you get stuck, reach out to me. I can help.

What is your vision?
What do you want?
What resources, support, do you have access to now?
What resources, support, can you tap into to help you?
What communities are there to help you? (Women Living Fully may be one of them)
What are you afraid of? What can you move through to move forward?
What can you simplify and let go so you can move forward and live fully?

Start here and then take action.

Action creates results.
Results creates momentum.
Momentum creates success.

Here’s to your success!

To view Pat’s Living Fully Show interview, read the show notes and tap into her recommended resources, go to Living Fully Show Episode 038: It’s Never Too Late to Start Over.


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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