How to Grow Your Vision & Mission – Advice from Other Visionaries

Episode 23: How to Grow Your Vision & Mission - Advice from Other Visionaries

While at a recent event, Pierrette used her new Zoom H6 recorder to interview three visionaries who have stepped fully into living their vision and mission. In this episode, Lara, Liz & Stayci share their experience, provide tips and other visionaries like you, and they share how their visions and missions have evolved through the years.

In this episode

  • Lara Wellman is the founder of Inspire & Connect. Lara works with small business owners to bring clarity and focus to the work that they do, to help them build a business and life that are synergistic and that they love. Lara helps them to understand where they are, where they need to go, and what they need to do to get there.

    “I love to show people how to not feel like that they have to sacrifice what they love and what they want to achieve the goals that they think they should have.”

    Connect with Lara:


    Liz Raymond is a Business Organizer who helps visionaries and entrepreneurs understand their numbers, and make sense of their financial reports.”

    “Get yourself organized and you will save so much of your time and money.”

    Connect with Liz:


    Stayci Keetch Is the CEO and Creative Director of Eyes On Ottawa. Stayci helps visionaries and entrepreneurs clarify and deliver their message to their audience through video.

     “Not just a video because everyone else has one. We talk about what you need and create a video solution specific to you.”

     Connect with Stayci:


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