Living Fully Show with Pat Mussieux: It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

When Pat Mussieux packed up her life into one black garbage bag at the age of 57 and left to start her life over, little did she know what challenges lay ahead. She left her husband of 22 years, her step-children and a life that was killing her soul. Through her journey of recreating her life, and the vision she knew she wanted for the rest of her life, she found the experiences, the adventures and the people who nourished her and brought her joy.

Now at the age of 65, she is a successful business woman having taken her business from $0 to just under $1million in less than six years. She lives her life fully by surrounding herself with who and what matters most, practicing gratitude daily, exercising and being on adventures, all while staying true to who she is, inside and out. You will love listening to Pat’s story of resilience, passion and purpose. Welcome to today’s Living Fully Show!








  1. Create a vision for  your life. “When your vision for your new life is stronger than what you left behind, you will be compelled to move forward.”
  2. It’s never too late. What do you want? Get clear!
  3. Be resourceful. Find what you need. Get over yourself and don’t let your ego guide you.
  4. Join a community to support you. Who are your “Circle of 5”? Ask for help.
  5. Take risks. Get out there and live!
  6. Stop complicating things. Keep it simple, live with who and what really matters. You have the power to change.



  1. “The Aladdin Factor” by Jack Canfield
  2. “Simplify’ by Bill Hubels
  3. “Stop Compromising: Make All the Money You Want” by Pat Mussieux
  4. “Who Am I Now?” by Pat Mussieux

#1M10MProject – One million women. Ten million Lives.

Pat has been supporting since she started her business six years ago. She truly believes in this incredible organization and what it does to support entrepreneurs from around world through their micro loan platform. Listen to Pat’s message about KIVA and why she strongly believes in the work that they do. Thank you Pat for sharing KIVA as part of the #1M10MProject!


Pat Mussieux is an award-winning business owner, internationally acclaimed speaker, author and TV host.  To learn more about Pat, the work that she does, her upcoming events, and to follow her your social media channel of choice, visit her website at

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