Leadership from Within – Are You Listening?

How often do you find yourself asking someone else for the answers to a question you have? Or perhaps,  you rely on others to find a solution to problem that you are facing.

Are you quick to search for validation, confirmation or guidance from someone else?

On Episode 034 of the Living Fully Show, I asked Carol Egan, Executive Health Coach, if she were to look back and and pick out one pivotal moment when she had to make a decision and trust herself, which experience would that be.

Her answer was clear:

“It was the moment my doctor told me that if I didn’t take the medication that he prescribed, I’d be facing a long and dark road, which included suicide. I knew in that very moment that I had to make a decision to advocate for myself and let go of getting his approval, or validation.”

What she confirms to us in our interview is that she made the best decision for her and her life – trusting herself and not depending on validation from someone who didn’t have the best course of action for her.

Throughout her childhood and as a young adult, she dealt with chronic pain and illness. She was looking for solutions to help her find the relief she so desperately sought.

How can a young woman make a decision that went against what most people would adhere to, often without questioning?

She had an inner knowing that she had to explore other options. She knew that what he was telling her was not a solution for her and she needed to find a better way.

She went on a quest to study her own body, how what she was experiencing was related to her environment and what she consumed as nutrition, not only when it came to food, but everything else in her life too.

She knew she had to let go of the toxicity that was present in her life.

She didn’t seek the approval of others.

She trusted her own leadership, the one from within, to guide her through the process of caring for her self.

What about you?

Is there a decision that you have been wanting to make, that you know it’s time for you to make, but you keep waiting for validation, permission or someone to tell you that the time is right?

Pay close attention to that and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What do I know I need to do but I’m waiting for outside validation?
2. What opportunities lie ahead for me if I make the decision without someone else’s approval?
3. How important is it for me to make this decision today?

Once you have answered these questions, you may find that it’s time for you to take action and move forward to a life that is waiting for you.

Need help? Reach out to me. We can work through what it is you feel stuck and unable to decide upon by yourself.

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Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash

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