Big Visions Take the Right Team with Sean MacGinnis

Episode 32: Sean MacGinnis of BuildAble


Sean McGuiness is the president and managing partner of BuildAble. Sean, along with his co-founder and wife, Kyla Cullain have created an incredible business in their community as Ottawa’s premiere accessibility company, specializing in barrier-free and accessible home and business renovations with a team of registered health professionals and renovations experts.

Sean and his team have a big vision to make Ottawa inclusive by opening up the barriers in homes and in businesses so that those who face mobility challenges have access to safe and accessible spaces and environments.

Operational Lessons:

  • Cashflow – In construction, understanding the in-and-out flow of materials and labour.
  • Staffing – The importance of finding the people that are the right fit for the needs and vision of the company.

Building Culture:

  • Strategies for all staff to come together, voice concerns and brainstorm solutions.
  • Culture-building events for staff and their families
  • Ongoing – the benefits of keeping everyone on the team informed on the direction and vision of the company
  • How open communication is the cornerstone of building relationships with all staff and the success of their company.

Operational Wisdom:

  • When facing adversity, avoid overwhelm by stepping back and making a solid plan of action that involves all members of your team.

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