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Episode 2 - Rachela Brisindi
Episode 2: When Legacy Work Calls You Forward

Leading up to her 40th birthday Rachela started to reflect on her professional life. She wished she had done something to make more of an impact. After learning about a health crisis of one of her family members and becoming pregnant, she knew she wanted to leave a legacy, but struggled with the question of “what difference can one person make?” With a vision and mission of spreading, sharing and growing empathy and compassion, The Good Human Experiment was created.

In this episode

  • What is Human Design Reading?
  • The first 30 day challenge and the impact it made.
  • Saying one thing can change everything.
  • A challenge for mindfulness and connection.

For more information about Rachela and The Good Human Experiment go to: thegoodhumanexperiment.com.

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  • Julie Lowe

    Love this, Rachela and I love the Good Human Experiment! I am so honored that the Human Design reading we did together was a catalyst for you to move forward. It’s been amazing to see it unfold. <3

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