What Comes Naturally Can Make a Big Difference with Elizabeth B. Crook

Episode 8: Elizabeth B. Crook: Live Large!

You know the thing that you do so easily but comes hard for others, the way you can help others and make a difference without even trying? That is where your vision and mission lie! Perhaps it’s time to explore that, or use it to your advantage to help more people.

In this episode of the Living Fully Show, Elizabeth B. Crook shares her journey of being a young girl and being encouraged by her father to make the world a better place. She is now the CEO of Orchard Advisors, an organization that helps companies grow their profitability and create the strong cultures that fuel continued success in a number of sectors. Her vision and mission is to help visionaries like you create your impact and make a difference in the lives of the people you serve.

In this episode

  • The greatest gift that was given to her at a most unexpected time
  • How to say yes to your own inner voice even when you may be thinking “I’m probably wrong but…”
  • The Triple J – Judge, Jury and Jailor voice that is in your head
  • The self-care strategies that work for her
  • How the love of reading has impacted her life

Elizabeth B. Crook is the CEO of Orchard Advisors and the best-selling author of Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide To What’s Next. For over twenty years Elizabeth has helped CEOs, entrepreneurs and visionaries think and act strategically to grow their companies’ bottom line and have more satisfaction. Elizabeth has years of business experience in different industries, cultures and economic and social environments, her insights adds value in this ever-changing world.

To connect with Elizabeth, visit her website at: elizabethbcrook.com

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