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Hi! I’m Pierrette Raymond, your host of Speaking of Business, where COOs and 2nd In Commands come for expert tips and strategies to grow their businesses, improve their operations, and build world class cultures.

Speaking of Business has its roots in The Living Fully Show. After 106 Episodes, the time to pivot into the next phase began when Pierrette opened her private coaching and consulting practice to work with COOs and 2nd In Commands.

Through Speaking of Business, Pierrette will introduce you to COOs and 2nd In Commands who are focused on investing in their growth and their people, who live and breathe the vision and mission of their company, all while having a deep desire to have a big impact in their communities and the world. You’ll also be introduced to CEOs and business owners who have a deep commitment to support their COOs and 2nd In Commands by showcasing what they do to back their key executives and their teams.


If you are ready to take your business, your operations and your people to a whole new level, let’s start Speaking of Business!

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