Building Businesses to Serve Seniors with Amy Friesen

Episode 41: Amy Friesen of Tea & Toast

Amy Friesen started in the retirement industry in 2004 working mostly in marketing and in several residences. While she loved her work, she began to feel like she wanted to have a bigger impact in the retirement community.

Since 2014, Amy has built two business to better serve the retirement community and continues to develop and grow Tea and Toast as well as

Tea & Toast specialize in retirement living, long-term care and helps individuals and families find the right retirement home for their loved ones.

The Local Senior is a community for businesses to come together and showcase their products or services to people who are looking for senior services.


How It All Began

Early in her career in the retirement industry, Amy found herself running into a lot of barriers regarding how and where she could provide the type of service that the community was looking for.

Amy felt she had many ideas and skills that she could implement but felt stuck in the role and department she worked in. When she was caught up in a string of layoffs she saw her opportunity to start her entrepreneurial journey and implement her vision and mission.

Overcoming Adversity to Stick to the Vision & Mission

The move from solopreneur to having many team members is difficult, but hiring the right people and trusting in their abilities is the key to success.

Operational Wisdom

The greatest lesson around being a mother and an entrepreneur – there is no perfect time or correct blueprint to follow, you need to find your own balance and practice being kind to yourself when thing don’t go according to plan.

Trusting your intuition to lead you in the right direction.

Building Culture

The cornerstone is having respect for each team member, encouraging open communication, having common goals and aligning the vision and mission.

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