Darpan Ahluwalia

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Certified Live Blood Analyst, Products Knowledge Expert, Owner of “Manotick Natural Market” and a clinic “Manotick Wellness Hub”. I’m also a Product Formulator of “Goldenroot” (fermented organic turmeric blend) which is a Health Canada approved product for inflammation, digestive and immune system health.

I’m also known as the “Total Nutrition Diva” with a passion for gluten free baking and philanthropy.

I wear many hats, among the most important of all, is of being a mother to my 3 gorgeous kids.

I can look at client’s blood under a dark field microscope to see how it is processing nutrients, determine how balanced the entire digestive system is functioning, the overall health of the client, and make supplement recommendations that best work for their unique makeup.

The most common health issues that cross my path is hormonal, compromised immune system, digestive, weight management, adrenal, Thyroid, inflammation, bacteria, hormonal, heavy metals, lymphatic, plaque, and so on”Understanding your health is all about understanding how your body is able to absorb nutrients”.My health knowledge and protocols have had clients seek me out from across the globe, hence the launch of the Total Nutrition Diva On Call TM.

Who inspires you in your life and why?

That is a loaded question…. I am inspired daily and very fortunate to be enlightened.
It would be client’s health & wellness journey of them overcoming their own obstacles.

My children watching them view life from their perspective has brightened my own path. At times showing and reminding them that life is filled with lessons and we must learn to grow.
A must for my own well-being. A recharge in nature daily, my zen time.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in your life?

“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it” – Lou Holtz

Everyone has challenges, some more than the others.

I will admit …I have many that I have overcome but truthfully it about balancing. One of my biggest challenges is time. As Mom, daughter, sister, partner, friend, store owner & operator, Total Nutrition Diva, my own personal time. I do my very best to spread myself out to thin and be the best I can be for all.

What I am not a fan of talking about is, I had to start all over again. Having my well-established business that was my pride and heart of Manotick. Losing it all in a matter of hours due to a massive fire that ripped my pride to ashes.

I am here and back on my path and it feels so good.
People who have helped me rise… I am truly blessed to have in my life.

What did you do to move through them? What did you learn?

From falling into depression and shutting everyone out of my life, being lost to back being me again, lots had to be changed, moved, shifted.
From the love from my kids, family, and friends. The support from my old and new clients all across the world, still following me and wanting to be back in their life to guide them with health.

It taught me nothing can keep me down! There is always hope!

Thinking positively makes a huge impact on where you are heading in life.

You attract your tribe and I DID…. during my personal healing journey through natural therapies and energy healing. I came across some beautiful souls that helped me heal many wounds.
Things truly did happen for a reason, for if all that I have endured, had I not, I would not be where I am today. Being truly ME and finding My Tribe!

What are you most proud of?

Proud of my kids, they have been on a roller coaster along with me and they turned out just fine. They don’t have a schedule , they are individual little beings with beautiful souls who don’t even know the impact they make, not only in mine but so many lives they come across on a daily basis, be it at my work or everwhere they tag along. It’s nice to see them head strong and I am not worried at all –  I  am lying through my teeth – I worry like no tomorrow. I am an overthinker… but positive thinking and letting go is what I am proud of working on what is next.

What do you want younger women to know?

I adore this question.

My daughter Raenna, she knew in her soul that she was here to help others…
Reanna knew that her passion is animals, dogs to be specific and other kids in need. So what does she do? Open up a Lipbalm making company “Dabalm”.

Proud Mom moment…all monies raised from her business she donates 100% of to her charities of choice.

My advice…listen to that little voice. Never dismiss it or let it that passion go to waste.
Listen to every essence of information that comes across you to make the best judgment call.
Don’t beat yourself up for making mistakes. Learn from them and grow.
Ground your roots deep like a tree and just bloom. You got this! Find your Tribe!
Younger doesn’t mean you are not smart or you cannot do anything.
Don’t let anyone dictate your life.

What does living fully mean to you?

Living in the present fully, be unique, be alive, Be you.

Favourite quote?

I have so many quotes from so many amazing motivators and movers in the world, but here is one of mine: “Be careful for what you throw out and manifest to the universe, for it is listening. Be prepared to receive.”

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